News and Notes of Interest

Transit Hub

I voted for the continued examination and determination of cost for the Transit Hub Option #2.
This includes a second smaller structure on a portion of the footprint of the former Oneonta Sales building at 27 Market Street, that will serve as the ticketing and waiting area, as well as the OPT offices.

City Web Site

The Council voted to have new website built that is more intuitive, searchable and responsive with a state-of-the-art web 2.0 user interface.
As you might expect, I advocated for a locally targeted RFP.  That happened, but on a “level playing field”, an out of area agency was contracted.

Here’s a sample:

Housing Commission

I am very excited to report that a motion will soon go to Council that seeks to establish a commission to

  • Study and research City housing problems.
  • Review housing stock that could be removed from the yearly auction list for City purchase and renovation.
  • Research current trends in housing to assist with improving the City’s housing stock
  • Provide Common Council and city employees with actionable recommendations and plans when the Commission deems it                               appropriate that are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan